Zentron Labs install systems onsite and integrate to fit with existing plant machinery and production lines. We also provide turnkey systems for Terminal lines, bearing manufacturing lines and build custom machines from concept.
Assess customer plant Environment readiness: Our machine vision systems are customized for customer’s manufacturing environment and will not interrupt existing operations.

We account for:

1. Physical location considerations, such as mount & bracket placement, vibrations and operator/maintenance access.
2. Hazards area classification design requirements
3. Access to controls and power sources upon vision system installation
4. Any industry specific necessities
5. Other environmental challenges including: ambient light, dust, line changeovers, presence of corrosive materials, etc.

Control System integration:

We design engineer the vision system to interact with the production line within the larger network of manufacturing machinery. We can integrate the systems to older automation technology or fully upgrade your plant to an advanced control platform. Considerations include:

1. Communication protocols
2. Existing networks
3. System handshakes and interlocks
4. Platform conversion of existing systems