Zentron Labs vision systems are designed by engineers who provide solutions that are optimal, task repeatability and maintainability. Our systems meet your needs for automated quality and inspection accuracy in manufacturing.
Each machine vision system design incorporates advanced vision technology with a plan for control automation, integration and image programming with a successful vision strategy from the Front End Engineering process.

Machine Vision Design Process

1. Fully extract specifications for optical, mechanical and automation needs
2. Generate preliminary design for electrical and physical system requirements
3. Hold a preliminary design review to move forward with final electrical and physical design using 3D CAD models
4. Draft final design for electrical and physical layout
5. Final design review with the client to move forward with fabrication
6. Configuring the program and updating any incremental change
7. Programming completion on assembled system during system startup-up
8. Vision System Design

Throughout the design process, Zentron Labs vision engineers involve the client before moving to the next step. Involving the client in major milestones ensures that the client has approved critical items throughout the project and the solution tailored exactly to specification.

At Zentron Labs, we understand that a vision system’s operating performance is critical when it’s working inside your plant. To ensure success, a well thought out vision system design is crucial.