Virtual Trial Product – VTryonVtryon

VTryon is an augmented reality-based web and mobile application by Zentron Labs designed to elevate the end user’s shopping experience on e-commerce sites. It is an amalgamation of niche front end and back end technologies which gives the user options to try products such as eyewear, jewelry, and other accessories on his/her image before making an informed purchase decision.

Using the app, the user may try on different products on his/her image, view their product details, look at other similar products, compare the try on looks with different products and finally choose to buy them.

VTryon uses optimised face and feature detection algorithms to identify the regions of interest and augment the chosen product on the user’s image. The realism is brought forward by uniquely modeling the colour of the products taking into account their interaction with the environment and also with the user’s skin tone. Precision in terms of sizing accuracy is maintained using a standard size plastic card as a real-world reference to provide a correct fitment for the user.

As per the customer’s request, we provide a service for this exercise of proprietary photoshoots of the products of interest using our software to capture and generate the data related to each product. With the boom of online retail, it is known that e-commerce sites are being plagued with the problem of customer returns. The mantra here is to minimise the number of returns for our e-commerce partners by aiming to produce an authentic try on the result so that ultimately what you try is what you buy.

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