GTron: High-Speed Vision Inspection System for Micro Precision GaugingGTron-new

GTron is an inline, high-speed, vision system for optical gauging of the critical dimensions of stamped parts in a terminal reel. It is suitable for inspecting any type of small terminals at high speed. This helps precision metal stamping manufacturers perform 100% inspection of each terminal, measuring every dimension in every part with minimal human intervention with great accuracy. We have achieved an accuracy of ± 12 microns at a rate of 1,200 parts per minute using the GTron. It also supports a wide part variety.

Terminal Inspection Challenges

In precision metal stamping units, the existing inspection procedure is tedious, accomplished manually, and only on a sampling basis. This is susceptible to human errors and hence increases the probability of customer rejection. Precision stamping units find that as volumes and customer requirements increase, manual inspection becomes a challenge. This has lead to the missing of delivery timelines of the terminals. The demand for 100% inspection and submission of inspection reports as part of delivery has increased as well.

Zentron has designed, developed and delivered the GTRON system to provide inspection speed and accuracy.

GTron Features:

Accuracy and Precision: Accuracy of +/- 12 microns and Repeatability of +/- 3 microns

Process Capability Measure: Designed to continuously monitor and record the statistical data with key process characteristics, process capability (Cp) and process capability index (Cpk), to help measure the process and yield.

High Speed: Measurement speed of up to 1200 parts per minute and up to 5 measurements per part.

Supports Part Variety: GTron is configurable and can be set up quickly to measure any type of stamped reel, which falls within the physical dimension limits to the size of the part. Currently, we have handled 35 plus terminal types using GTRON.

Ease Of Integration: GTron is placed between the winding machine and the stamping machine and provides a signal to stop the stamping and winding units in case a part-under-inspection fails the inspection criteria.

Easy to Use GUI: The user interface of the GTron is easy to use for the operator or the supervisor.

Remote Support Capability: GTron system can be connected to the wide area network of the customer. With the required permission and access, Zentron can provide remote support and monitoring of the GTron system. GTron system is a fully IOT enabled system.

Analytics: Each part being inspected provides for valuable data that can be collected and analyzed based on varying needs. GTron is analytics ready and provides for dashboard view.

GTron Variants To Suit Your Need

  • Depending on your needs, we can deliver the appropriate GTron configuration for you
  • Depending on the dimension to be measured, Single camera, Two cameras or Three cameras
  • Depending on the length of the terminal, 32mm variant or 45mm variant
  • Depending on the accuracy required, 12micron accuracy or 7micron accuracy

Inspection process using GTron:



More than 29457824000 terminals of 108 different types have been inspected across India !



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