FruiTron – Upgrade the way you sort fruits!

FruiTron is an innovation that automates the task of sorting fruits with higher accuracy and greater throughput. A combination of rigorous image processing algorithms and robust hardware ensures that each fruit is scrutinized comprehensively for all defects before exiting the inspection line. Fruits are also categorized into different grades based on a combination of colour, size, weight, and defect. FruiTron leverages on a machine vision system capable of :

    • Inspecting defects on the surface of fruit
    • Determining the color of fruit
    • Determining the shape of fruit
    • Measuring the size of fruit
    • Measuring the weight of fruit
    • Creating farmer wise and bin-wise reports

Features: Consistent and accurate performance for all requirements

Process up to 10 fruits per second per lane– Program is executed on a Real-Time Operating System to give the highest speed.          

Multiple fruit inspection capability– Perform sorting on fruits such as Apple, Orange, Kinnow and other spherical shaped fruits.


Multiple sort options– Sort fruit based on the defect, color, shape, weight, and size of the fruit


Latest machine vision hardware– High-resolution cameras ensure that the system can now detect even the tiniest of defects.



Enhanced optical system– Multiple images of the fruit are captured in the visible and near-IR spectrum to improve defect identification.


Cutting edge machine learning and image processing algorithms are used to improve the accuracy of the machine and ensure reliable functionality.


Advanced Visualization– All results can be overlaid on top of the fruit image for quick verification.


Data Analysis and Report Generation– Produce vital statistics to analyze the trend of the inspected fruits. Creating farmer wise and bin-wise reports for settling payments


Remote Access– The machine can be monitored and controlled remotely from anywhere.



Process flow: Find out the status of the fruit from start to the end of the line!



FruiTron in Action: The results will always delight you!

Defect Detection Result




Color Detection Result



Size Detection result









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