Krishnan Ramabadran – Founder & CEO: Formerly a chip-designer, managing high-tech teams for an MNC, could not hold back his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, co-founding a successful startup where he honed his business skills; and turning back into technology with system-design based on Vision. Now passionately involved with achieving Zentron’s aspirations. He spots opportunities, likes technology, and enjoys music. With B.Tech. and M.S. degrees from IIT, Madras, he is often found sharing his engineering experience and solving challenges behind the scenes.

RamG Vallath – Vision Catalyst and Strategy Guru :
Formerly COO for a large telecom company, followed by similar roles in the IT hardware industry, significant life events took him to become a startup coach and a motivational speaker. He enjoys talking to people, making new connections, and touching people’s lives in a positive way. Loves humor and an author of books, he is usually found on the phone talking to someone, or off the phone, talking to someone. With a B.Tech. from IIT, Madras, and a management degree from XLRI, he enjoys connecting engineering to the market.


Sridhar Vembu – An Icon in the cloud technology space, he has built a world-class organisation in Zoho Corp, which is globally known as a pioneer in cloud technology. Known for successfully bootstrapping a venture that is now valued at over a Billion dollars, Sridhar now mentors a few startups, with Zentron Labs being one of them. He pioneered the Zoho University concept, which inducts young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds, right from school, and trains them through basics of engineering and software, finally absorbing them into Zoho. Sridhar’s association with Zentron was born out of a common vision to build an enterprise that develops world-class technology from India and caters to the world