Our Vision

What is it that inspires us, make us try harder, persevere, and grow? It is our vision, to become a world-class company from India, known for innovation, progress and business-excellence.
While that’s our long-term vision, our current mission is to become a much sought-after provider of innovative embedded-vision solutions.

Core Values

We take pride in our culture. It is built around our core values, that are becoming an integral part of our culture and success story. These are a reflection of what is important to us, in our everyday interactions, both within the team and when meeting customers, partners and vendors.
Our Core Values are:

  • Integrity: the foundation
  • Commitment: to the team, to our customers, to the task at hand, and to the society
  • Unity : without which no great task can be accomplished
  • Innovation : this defines our work, and our aspirations
  • Having fun : Enough said