LabelTRONA vision system from Zentron Labs that performs high-speed, in-line print quality inspection and verification of labels on cartons, bottles, jars, boxes etc. Suitable for inspecting any type of labels – including transparent or metalized labels. Helps manufactureres perform 100% inspection and assure their customers of 100% quality.

Label-related defects are the most common cause of product recalls and also happen to be most preventable. A clean, legible and accurate label also adds to the brand value.


Prime Causes For Label Print Defects:

  • Irregular ink flow
  • Printer ink drying
  • High printing speed prone to variability
  • Operator’s errors during input and printer configuration.
  • Unintended printer head movements
  • Part presentation errors
  • Frequent product change overs
  • Deviations of error prone fonts (dotted characters)

Zentron’s LabelTRON ensures compliance with FOOD SAFETY STANDARDS (Packaging and labeling) Regulations, 2011.

Why Automated Label Integrity Check Is Required:

  • To adhere to the Statuary compliance: Stringent regulations for manufacturers
  • To protect against erosion of brand value
  • Eliminate customer complains and the high cost of handling them
  • To earn reputation in the market place as a high quality supplier
  • Reduction of manpower (quality inspectors)

Vision Systems Deployed For 100% Label Inspection

LabelTron not only ensures 100% quality of print, it also inspects the label for tears or creasing, both of which could not only render the product visually imperfect, but also hide important information, thereby exposing the manufacturer to litigation.


  • HMI – Industrial Panel PC, Advantech make with IP-65 rated front Touch Panel.
  • Vision algorithm are built on National Instruments LabVIEW platform with support from Industry experts
  • User friendly configuration tool for easy addition of new models
  • Works on multiple fonts and multiple styles.
  • Easy to use GUI
    • Simple controls
    • One-touch selection for different sizes of products (cartons/boxes)
    • Ease of adjusting quality parameters under password control
  • Multilevel user and password protection
    • Administrator, Supervisor and Operator
  • Pass/Fail digital outputs for rejection mechanisms (Electrical actuated – No pneumatic supply needed)
  • Plug and play vision system
  • Modular and sleek in design
  • Easy integration to the existing line by the factory maintenance team
  • Log inspection results to production database.
  • Log reasons of failure with images

Zentron world-class vision inspection systems are a definitive solution to label quality control, as well as other necessary applications such as inspection of plastic containers, cartons and boxes. Thanks to advancing technology, this system can inspect a large number of labels in the shortest inspection time and increases the output quantity while reducing the expenses in labor hours and overhead costs.