1. Machine Vision LabVIEW Engineer (2+ Years Experienced)  [Job Code: ZL001]

Design, customize, implement, test and commission machine vision systems
Provide requirements to the auotmation team on the mechanical, electrical and electronics needs of the product
Optimize, improve and re-engineer existing systems for customer specific needs
Strong LabVIEW programming and debugging skills with NI-Vision & working knowledge of design patterns
Strong system design capabilities particularly with camera, light, lens and filters
Hands-on knowledge of working with Stepper motors, (PXI – optional), PCI, DAQ, FPGA, RT, cRIO – one or more of these is required
Good to have – knowledge of PLC programming, Arduino or microcontroller programming

2. Computer Vision Engineer (Experienced) [Job Code: ZL002]


Identify and develop computer vision algorithms
Qualify performance of algorithm and demonstrate the results with quantitative analysis
Demonstrate choice of algorithm by optimization at math or pseudo code level and at code level
Demonstrate working algorithms in on of – Matlab, C, python etc with focus on Math behind it
Write and/or understand content from technical papers and journal with respect to developing algorithms
Demonstrate choice of data-structures aimed at optimization


M.TEch, PhD or equivalent
Prior computer vision research experience [3 years preferred]
Prior experience in creating and deploying algorithms, in ‘production’ environment with verified results
Experience with Django & cloud architectures, or NI Vision and LabVIEW would be good to have

PS: “Title” does not mean designation. Designation will be decided based on relevant years of experience and ability to play the roles, as required by a person of that designation.

To apply mail to careers@zentronlabs.com, with subject – “Job Application – <mention job code>”