Zentron Labs automates your processes that require visual checking. We use industrial cameras in conjunction with Computer Vision algorithms to deliver innovative and custom Machine-Vision solutions that perform automated visual inspection. Coupled with data analytics, it’s 100% quality that works for you, 24×7.

Whether in Manufacturing, Food, Agriculture or e-Commerce, our solutions enable you to deliver on your promise of quality, provide a superior experience to your customers, and show continuous growth in your business. It’s now time to enVision your Progress.


Metal Forming

Measure dimensional accuracy at high-speed,100% in-line,report process-capability parameters

Food & Beverages

Ingredient Verification, Label inspection, Fill level inspection, packaging inspection


Label & code verification, Inspect bottles, tablets, capsules, vials, impurity detection. Meet safety standards


Colour sorting, size sorting, and defect detection – fruits and vegetables


Label Inspection, Web inspection, packaging and fill level inspection, presence/absence detection


Measure dimensional accuracy at high-speed,100% in-line, presence/absence detection



Accurate and high-speed Gauging of terminal strips and small objects


Packaging label verification, using optical character recognition, with poke-yoke rejection

Fruit Tron

Vision-based high-speed Apple colour, size and defect sorting using Infrared technology and machine-learning algorithms


Read and Verify bar-codes and 2D codes in-line, and verify against policies. Ideal for Pharmaceutical Track-and-Trace, and food segments

Multi Tron

Our customisable frame-work for multi-camera vision systems for inspecting bearings, cast aluminium and other such components, used in the automotive industry


A web-app that uses Augmented Reality to achieve a virtual-try-on experience for online retail, for sunglasses, spectacles, jewellery, and apparels