Zentron Labs automates your processes that require visual checking. We use industrial cameras in conjunction with Computer Vision algorithms to deliver innovative and custom Machine-Vision solutions that perform automated visual inspection. Coupled with data analytics, it’s 100% quality that works for you, 24×7.

Whether in Manufacturing, Food, Agriculture or e-Commerce, our solutions enable you to deliver on your promise of quality, provide a superior experience to your customers, and show continuous growth in your business. It’s now time to enVision your Progress.


Metal Forming

Measures dimension in-line accuracy at high speed, 100% inspection as well as offline measurements for sample inspection. Report out process capability and trend charts


Colour sorting, size sorting, and defect detection of fruits and vegetables. Includes customized report and query


Measure dimensional accuracy at high-speed,100% in-line, presence/absence detection



Accurate and high-speed gauging of terminal strips and small objects

QM Series

Accuracy at 3 dimension gagging of the components at the touch of a button


A web-app that uses Augmented Reality to achieve a virtual-try-on experience for online retail, for sunglasses, spectacles, jewellery, and apparels


Vision-based high-speed Apple colour, size and defect sorting using Infrared technology and machine-learning algorithms